Have a lovely Easter everybody!


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You have all worked really hard this term and we have had an extremely busy one too!

We have explored the Roman times and learnt about significant events in history such as Boudicca’s rebellion (the children did a fantastic art piece) the invasion to Britain and the eruption of Vesuvius! ┬áIt was lovely to see all the hard work that you all put in when it came to the Kingsley Chronicle Newsroom. The children all worked incredibly hard whether they were news reporters or researchers. With the Roman topic coming to an end it was brilliant to see so many of you making an effort with your outfits for our Roman day!

It was entertaining to see some of your faces during the Roman banquet, especially those of you who tried dates and coffee for the first time! We were very impressed with the soup that you all made, even some of the adults had to have a taster. We hope that you don’t forget the Latin commands from our army practise, you certainly had some convincing faces.

We hope that you have a lovely break, and enjoy the time off! Please make sure you get outside to enjoy the sun… maybe even take a good book with you ready to write a review when you’re back!

Comment on here with anything exciting that your children get upto… we would love to see some photographs!




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